Updates and Upcoming Giveaway!

Well it’s July 5th and I already have Autumn on the brain! I’m counting down the days til I can decorate, which is usually August 15th, but one of my good friends does it August 1st and I just may have to do that day too :P If my husband is reading this, I’m sorry!
I’m getting ready to update my site with a new look! I’m very excited about it and I’m even more excited to announce that with the relaunch of my site I will be doing a Gooseberry Patch Giveaway! Gooseberry Patch was very kind to give me permission to use any of their cookbooks for Giveaways on my site. So a big THANK YOU to Gooseberry Patch!
Along with the relaunch, I’ll be posting new recipes every day, ones of my own (thank you to my wonderful friends and family for being my guinea pigs!) and ones from the Gooseberry Patch cookbook I’ll be giving away. I’ll also be posting a lot more on here so it won’t be months before you see something new. ;) I also have yet to post something crafty on here, but that won’t be til around Autumn/Winter as that’s when I get in my craft zone.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July and are staying cool this Summer!

**Are you a Gooseberry Patch fan? Do you own any of their books? Leave me a comment of which book and recipe is your favorite**

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