Thanksgiving 2013!

Now that Halloween is over, the Holiday Season as officially begun! I have had my Thanksgiving menu planned out since August with some changes that I have made in the last week or so to what I will be serving. I recently subscribed to Food Network Magazine and last week I received the Thanksgiving Edition. If you don’t have this issue I highly suggest getting it! It has many recipes, tips and tricks to help make your Thanksgiving foolproof. Here is what I have planned for Thanksgiving Day:

Dry-Brined Turkey

Homemade Stuffing

Spiced Apple-Cranberry Sauce

Crock-Pot Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes


Sweet Potato Souffle

Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

Homemade Dinner Rolls Apple Lattice Pie & Pumpkin Pie


I always get started on my prepping a week before til down to the day, depending on what it is. The cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes I always make two days before with the potatoes going into the crock-pot the day of and the stuffing I can get prepped the day before. It’s nice to get things done before so you have plenty of time to visit with family, watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade or even start decorating for Christmas!

Leave me a comment and tell me what kind of traditions you have at your house every Thanksgiving.

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