Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin Puree
Last year was the first year I ever made my own pumpkin puree and I have to say that it’s so much better (and cheaper!) than buying canned pumpkin puree. I made pumpkin puree last night for the first time this season and I got almost 3 cups worth of puree from one little pie pumpkin, which only cost me 99 cents! Not only that, but it adds a wonderful fragrance around your home while it’s baking, especially if you sprinkle just a bit of cinnamon on it. Enjoy and please leave me a comment!






1 Pie Pumpkin or Sugar Pumpkin



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut the stem out of the pumpkin and scoop out seeds and strings. Line a baking sheet with foil. Cut pumpkin in half and place inside of pumpkin down and cover pumpkin with foil. Bake for 1 1/2 hours or until the inside of pumpkin is tender with a touch of a fork. Let cool.

Pumpkin Puree   Pumpkin Puree

Scoop out the inside of the pumpkin with a spoon and place in a food processor and puree until smooth. Refrigerate up to 5 days.

Pumpkin Puree